Slow Burning Car is a band from San Pedro, California that blends a few different styles of music to get a sound that they claim is equal parts Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, and Cheap Trick. I can see this comparison on some songs with fuzzy guitars and plodding-along riffs like "The Ghetto and the Sea" and "Dimples," but after about track 7 entitled "Not On Me," the intensity takes a huge dip. Although the songs are pretty good, the flow of the album is interrupted.

I do really like the power-pop sound (obviously this is the Cheap Trick influence) with the simple-yet-effective chord progressions and anthemic choruses like on the opener "The Ghetto and the Sea." It's also prominent on songs like "Dimples," "Kats," and "Crocodile." On this album you have the harder rock songs mixed with pop, and then more laid-back, acoustic-driven songs like the heartfelt "Day Brightener" and "Midnight." They do a good job of mixing these different dynamics which helps to keep the songs fresh.

That said, I think the song order is a bit odd. I feel like the most interesting and energy-filled songs are stacked at the beginning. Then, there's a few more laid-back songs and the last three songs are seven minutes, eight minutes, and one minute, respectively. The longer songs didn't capture my attention the whole time. One is more progressive in nature and has an odd spoken word part which could have been cool but I felt like it was misplaced. Overall, the last part of the record is relatively dull and overstays its welcome. As far as the whole album goes, there's some solid songwriting and a good execution of multiple genres. The odd flow and a few boring parts keep this album back from being an above-average release.