I get tons of stuff sent to my email every day for review, and I like to comb through everything and read the press releases. Say 10 Records already has my attention after putting out solid releases from Great Apes, whom I've reviewed previously. Adam at Say 10 really hit the nail on the head with the line: If you need an idea of Entropy’s energy, think back to playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and your mom yelling, “You need to turn that damn TV down.” Entropy does a fantastic job of crafting 19 minutes of blazingly fast and catchy hardcore punk. Opener "War On Drugs" sets the precedent for what's to come on the rest of the album with punchy and defined production that reminds me of the latest Paint It Black 7" EP's. Frontman Brian Lawrence's vocals sound like a cross between Ignite and Gorilla Biscuits, alternating between screams and melodic yells. The guitars mainly stick to chunky power chords that give way to some thrash influence here and there. The bass cuts through the mix nicely and really shines when leading into a song or riff change. I'm unsure as to how All Work, No Plagiarism was recorded, but this record sounds like a band playing LOUD in a room together.

My standout tracks are "Forever Unclean and "Gray's Sports Almanac" as they both remind me of bands like Kid Dynamite and other melodic hardcore punk that the majority of kids have gotten away from these days. Entropy takes you on plenty of twists and turns, frequently changing riffs or teasing a breakdown before abruptly ending the song. Sequencing is seamless and most of the record plays straight through with little to no breaks. And for all vinyl enthusiasts, all 16 tracks fit on to a single side of the LP so no need to stop the living room circle pit to flip the record. The longest track is album closer "Crazy Eddie's Business School", which is essentially a fun and out of place ska song, complete with skanking riffs and a horn section. Clearly this band is having fun, and you can hear it on the record. They also have a 7" titled Out Of Spite that holds up just as well as this LP. Anybody here with open ears for fast hardcore reminiscent of the bands I've mentioned in this review should check out the track linked below, as that's all it took to hook me. Preorder the LP over at Say 10 Records.