“Blood In Blood Out”

Exodus returns with the highly anticipated album “Blood In Blood Out”. I'm going to go ahead and get this out of the way right now- This album is a Thrash Metal masterpiece!! Hands down some of , if not the best Thrash release this year. It has all the elements of a classic in the making! The music is fast and heavy, still holding down that Exodus tone in the guitars and trucking along with the massive rhythm section of the drums and bass.

Oh yes, the vocals...Steve “Zetro” Souza returns after a nine year vacation from the band, replacing long time singer, Rob Dukes. The reasons why the switch was made is of no concern of mine. What I am concerned with is the brutality of this kick ass album. The screams and screeches of Zetro are beyond awesome and entire package is a well oiled machine that makes me happy to be a Thrash fan!

The album starts off with the track “Black 13”, a fast paced intro to the world of “Blood In Blood Out”, and there is no stopping for snacks on this ride. So buckle up and go for the ride of your Thrash life. “Black 13” starts off with your typical intro, sounds of fury and squealing guitars before jumping off the cliff and soaring into eternity with fast pounding riffs! And again, that voice! Shrill, air raid sirens pierce the air as his voice carries the brunt of the musical force. With some very impressive screams that probably shattered a few windows with in a two block radius of where I'm writing this.

Being that this is Exodus' tenth studio album, there isn't much of a difference here than from the other nine albums. I mean you can hear the progression from way back when they first started to the more modern sound. But they still keep it traditionally Thrash and extremely heavy and fast. Its great!!

All in all, if you pick this up, more than likely you won't be disappointed. I guess there is something of a side note that I should touch on here. Metallica's Kirk Hammet makes a guest appearance on here somewhere. I personally don't see the relevance to even mentioning that, but as it was, Kirk was originally in Exodus, so I guess that's where it can be of some importance, but not really a necessity to bring up. As the band has always stood pretty high up on the mountain, sure they haven't reached the level as Metallica, or the other “Big 4” of the Thrash world, but I think their doing fine with out that label.

I mean, Hell, Exodus is touring right now with fucking SLAYER and Suicidal Tendencies, sure Gary Holt is now in SLAYER as well, but what better band for the almighty SLAYER to take on tour with them.

Anyhow, I'm getting off the subject here. The subject is “Blood In Blood Out”. I mentioned it being a super release, and I stand by that. This takes me back to such Exodus classics like “Shovel Headed Kill Machine” or, should I make the comparison- I will,”Tempo of the Damned” Zetro's last album with the band prior to this.

Well, enough of my babbling on about the awesomeness of this record. Hopefully my review will ring true, but just in case you need more proof of the bad assness of this album, “Blood In Blood Out” came in at #38 on the Billboard 200, the band's highest U.S. chart position to date. OK, I hope this made sense, I've been listening to Thrash for six days straight now, only stopping to use the facilities and watch the new episodes of Sons Of Anarchy!! Thanks for reading, enjoy.