I've seen this band's name around for a good little bit now. I've always just assumed they were a brutal death metal band or slam death band. I was a bit off base there. There's definitely death metal in their sound, but there's definitely more going on too. They refer to the sound as "blue collar grindviolence" and I guess I can't really disagree.

For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head as I listened to this short EP was "they sound like Bird of Ill Omen" (late 90s FL metalcore). Then I kinda felt like they had some Dead to Fall going on there. All of that was laced over with some solid death metal and grind.

I really feel their sound would have worked well in those late 90s early 00s underground heavy music circles, you know, back when some shows felt a bit "dangerous" and shit seemed genuine. That's not to say this EP sounds dated because it doesn't at all. I think the dark melodic and emotional segments help my belief of their sound and the Bird of Ill Omen influence. Even listening back to BoIO I don't hear a real strong comparison, but that's still what stuck out the most to me.

The EP is quite short (shy of 18 minutes) and that really plays well for them. I think too much more it could become overkill. The samples I do feel are a touch of an overkill. They have a lot of great ideas on these 7 tracks with the anthemic I Left My Heart in El Paso being my favorite of the bunch. It sums up the entirety of the release for me. Very solid, brutal at times, melodic at others, often emotional, and rather dark. You can get it for a measly $5 off their bandcamp, it's definitely worth checking out.