I was very hesitant at first to pick this musical gem up at first. The description of the bands on here were called Thrash/Black Metal. I tend to stay away from anything labeled with the Black Metal moniker. It just doesn't really get my fancy, you know what I mean. And really, the one and only Black Metal band that I even slightly enjoy, is a local act called Infernal Awakening.

But that's neither here or there, or to quote one of my favorite movies, “Una cosa es una cosa, y otra cosa es otra cosa.”. It translates to “one thing is one thing and another thing is another thing.”. What the hell does that have to do with anything your asking yourself? Funny, because I asked myself the same thing. But because something is labeled as such, does it make it that? Not really. Especially in the case of this awesome record!

To start off, the awesome veterans of brutality, Nunslaugther, are here offering their brand off nastyness in the form of music. This shit is raw. Raw, energetic and bad ass! I have to say, when I first heard of Nunslaugter, I thought to myself- “Great, another one of “those” bands.” Well the satanic egg is on my face. These guys rule.

The first offering is that of Nunslaughters, called “La Offrenda”. With guitars slashing like that of a horror movie villain, you know these guys mean business. The guitar work is simple, but done amazingly well. Perfectly timed palm mutes and pick slides incorporated with catchy and fast break downs. The drums keep a healthy and steady beat behind the string instruments and carry a unique sound to them all their own. Almost a sloppy sounding, muffled cry for help. But not to take away from them, the drums here are awesome, they fit the music well, as one would imagine,considering he is in the band after all.

The vocals though, oh man those vox!! In a word, possessed! Not the band, but he sounds like a demon had taken over his persona and is now controlling him. Its pretty bad ass! The band in general are sick as hell! I cruised through you-tube checking out some of their other albums, phew, what a treat that was. I have found a new bad ass band to become a fan of.

The second song is “Altar De La Muerta”, after the spooked out horror movie sounding intro, complete with evil laughter, The song starts off like a run away semi truck barreling through town, by the way, the semis tanker is full of highly explosive fluids and when it crashes, because it will crash, its going to destroy the entire city.... You have been warned.

Following the death and musical destruction of Nunslaughter, we are treated to Witchtrap. Another amazing band that shreds the skin off your face. In a good way of course. Witchtrap starts off their side with a harrowing tale of cruising through the bar looking for a woman to go home with him... I think? The song is aptly entitled “Sex Commander”. As far as the music goes, its pretty melodic, a bit fast paced with a simple guitar riff that carries the song well. Its a good song, and if you haven't heard of Witchtrap, I would suggest checking them out, good band!

The second song on the B-side is “The Devil's On The Loose”. Again with the slower “Metal” intro the going into second before hitting the nitros to really get it moving. While not as destructive and hard as the A-side, these tracks found the perfect home on this record, as Nunslaughter and Witchtrap both make for exciting bands that blend well together. I highly suggest checking this out. Thanks for reading!