As a lover of music, I'm always thankful when a band doesn't settle and continues to push themselves to be better song writers. It's even better when they can do this without changing the game plan that got them to where they are today. With Moral Decay, Rock Bottom has once again found a way to outdo their previous outing while staying true to themselves.

I've had the pleasure of reviewing both Born II Hate and Down With The Devil. In both of those records I have described Rock Bottom as a mix of the Holy Terror styling's of Integrity mixed with tone and groove of Wolverine Blues era Entombed. It took me a long time to come to the conclusion but they also contain a darker version of the thrash heavy Ill Blood era No Warning. Even with all these obvious comparisons, Rock Bottom has managed to mix these influences into a sound that is really all their own. They are just metal enough when they need to be and stick firm to their hardcore roots when necessary to pump out ripper after ripper. Seriously, I don't think there is a song by the band I don't like.

With Moral Decay, and the recording introduction of new guitarist Jordan Berk, there is something new brought to the table that has strengthened Rock Bottom even more. John Lowe is a beast but working with Berk's stoner metal and modern metalcore influence seems to be a match made in, dare I say, heaven for the band. Songs Rattlesnakes Kiss, Life's Bitch, and Set To Explode are cut from the same mold as everything on the Down With The Devil record. However, in the album's title track and closer, Touch Of Evil, a new side of Rock Bottom is shown and I find these two songs in particular to be the best two songs the band has ever written. There is a good bit of signature Rock Bottom mixed with a more aggressive metalcore and chug that resulted in two super heavy tracks.

Lyrically the album is full of Dion's catchy wording of memorable lyrics that touch on the more evil shit the world has to offer. Much like every RB record prior to this, you will be able to learn every word in about 5 spins of the disc.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get my hands on the disc version of this EP as well which includes the bands entire set from This Is Hardcore 2013. This is where the band really sets themselves apart from their peers. Unfortunately you can't see them in all their glory, but you can hear how tight and energetic they are when on the stage. Having these extra tracks gives the listener the best of both worlds in hearing them well edited in a studio setting and you can hear all their rage on the stage.

My only complaint is that this isn't a full length and there aren't more new songs for me to jam out too. This is one of the best hardcore albums of the year and it's only 5 songs. Do yourself a favor and don't be the idiot that sleeps on this.