So I have been listening to this for a while now. Around 89 days or so, to be exact. That's a lot of listening to. That's a good thing. It has a long shelf life, longevity is becoming a long lost art form in the music biz, in my opinion anyhow. And that's exactly what Shitty Friends offers up in this noisy piece of punk rock goodness.

I like a band that stays close to their old school roots. And that is exactly what Shitty Friends does here. They play an almost Blag Flag style of music. It sounds really good. The opening track, “I Don't Care” would seem to be a throw back to our punk rock heroes from the start of the hard core punk era. You can hear the influence of Gregg Gins guitar trucking along and throwing in the ever so slightly sloppy guitar lick/solos mixed in among the chaos of music. It really is good stuff.

Its high energetic and has an awesome singer. This guy carries his voice clearly (well not clearly in the sense that he sings clearly, I meant, well you get the idea. Right?) over the music and really stands out above the band. Not like better,stands out, but just how a singer should sound. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the album is mixed well.

“I Wanna Know” is the second blast of sonic energy produced by Shitty Friends, again, were treated to the guitar likeness of early Flag, and again, the vocals lead the charge in this fast paced giant of crashing drums, cymbals and riffs.

The entire album carries on in this manner. It's basic in a good sense of the word. The guitar work is good, the drums, ah, the drums. Crashing around back there like he's banging on trash cans and making them sound good! Their not overly played, or overly loud. Again the mix comes into play here. The recording is excellent and really lets the band showcase what they can do.

And what is it that they do exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked. They ROCK! Or shall I say they PUNK ROCK! (See what I did there? Clever, huh?) But anyhow, there are a total of 8 blaring songs on this cassette, 7 originals and an Agent Orange cover of “Blood Stains”, told they were old school. This is the way punk was made and meant to be like. Angry. Loud. And Angry! Angry at what? Well, simple- what do you got?

Over all, this is a classic tape that, if can be afforded, should be bought. If not, its free from their bandcamp page. And that is a really good deal! So go check it out. If for nothing else, you should go over there and at stream it for the solidarity of the mean, angry vox. Good stuff! They may be Shitty Friends, but the band is far from Shitty (See what I did that time? Yes, I am a word wizard! Hahaha!). Really though. This is a great album, if you love your punk raw and old school, I highly suggest this. If you like your punk poppy and lame, then this is something that you should probably shy away from. But either way, if you want to hear some GOOD tunes, check these guys out! Thanks for reading.