The one-man Green Black Metal outfit Behelal, fronted by Daemon Nosferius (former Spiritual Wintermoon) came to life in 1999, but has a surprisingly small discography. The first demo, Magie Neagru-Intuneric-Intelepsiune, surfaced in 2004, and it wasn't until 2007 that the debut album Metamorphosis was released. Fast forward another four years and we're at the release of the Satanic Propaganda EP, a two song effort that is more a single than what it's being touted as. But is this actually a good recording, or is it a rough under six minutes you'll never get back?

"Gloria de Domino Inferni" introduces a very sombre tone to the release, carrying a rich piano presence met with distorted dialogue and cleaner distortions on the guitar, capturing a truly depressing atmosphere that immediately tugs on your heart strings. Sadly, this is a wasted opportunity. Instead of combining it to the music found on "Sons of Parasense", even around thirty-five seconds in when the drums kick in, it fades out to silence so an ominous emptiness can be established, ruining the depressing tone entirely. What follows is some harsher vocals with a decent echo effect that keeps with the propaganda theme illustrated by the title of the "EP". It's a good idea, but executed in a very bland manner that finds the music coming off like slower paced Industrial Black Metal without the Industrial elements other than some symphonics from time to time. It all does dead to blistering drums and riffs towards the end to give the performance a little more life, as well as throw back to the previous track slightly, but it just comes in too late to really make it all fit and work out.

It isn't that Satanic Propaganda is a bad release, but rather a wasted opportunity to take advantage of the naturally emotional driven material that is presented. Given the quality of both tracks, having them linked together as opposed to being separated both by silence and change of atmosphere is a poor decision, period. Instead of looking forward to what was just teased, the listener is suddenly jerked from one dimension to the next, the latter not even being too far past the point of simply being considered alright. If you want to check out Satanic Propaganda, sampling first is an absolute must.

Review originally composed for Apoch's Metal Review.