Germany's Dissorted has been around since 2004, but for ten years hadn't released anything. This is thanks to some line-up alterations, as well as a change of locations. Originally founded in Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, the act had relocated to Munich sometime in 2009. After a number of gigs and finally landing on a five member formation that stuck, Dissorted entered the studio to release their long overdue self-released EP simply titled I. But is this five song offering worth the near ten year development, or is it just a bit too late for this Melodic Thrash Metal act?

I is definitely saturated with hooks any Shadows Fall fan would greatly appreciate. "Bloodshed Divine" has a similar modern melodic touch with a cleaner vocal approach, but some of the hooks utilized even create a bit of a b-movie environment on par with bands like October 31. And then there's "Eaten Alive" and it's Crossover Thrash influence in the vein of Gama Bomb and even traces of Gwar when the tension builds. The falsettos that hit are spot on and a nice additional touch to make the impact of the song a little stronger, especially before crashing into the initially slow moving guitar solo.

But after those two, I starts heading off into various directions that are hit or miss. "The Somnambulist" tries to do this very thing by taking on a gritty eighties Hard Rock and Heavy Metal vibe that feels like something ripped from a Sister Sin album, all the while channelling their inner Manowar by belting out riffs that are clearly meant to be far more epic than they wind up being. "The New World" isn't as horrific in theme, but there is a clear dystopian vibe to the rather grounded performance coupled with a brief solo that brings in a little more emotion than the rest of the song has. Overall it isn't bad, but there could have been a little more substance to make it stand out. The same can be said for "Operation Observation". It keeps that environment alive with some ballad tendencies that make it genuinely sound a lot darker, but the impact isn't much more dynamic really. There are some gutturals during the chorus, which are a nice touch in making the somewhat oppressive tone stick out a little more.

I is a nice mixture of what Dissorted seems to want to be, as well as easily can become. While the range and diversity is there, it's the first two tracks that really grab the listener's attention and refuse to let go. The last three are good for what they are, but there's no denying something powerful is just missing from them, keeping their presence clearly restrained in the long run. But, if you're a fan of Thrash, melodic or otherwise, and are interested in discovering a new band ripe with potential you can easily throw on and enjoy at any given time, Dissorted's debut EP I is something worth checking out.

Review originally composed for Apoch's Metal Review.