When it comes to split releases, Hells Headbangers are no strangers to dishing out new ones on a fairly steady schedule. For October of 2014, we are presented two back-to-back splits including the world's favorite hard working "devil metal" band Nunslaughter, both hot off the heels of their 2014 full-length Angelic Dread, as well as three other EPs and two other splits earlier this year. Of this batch, we are taking a look at the recording with fellow labelmates Perversor, a Blackened Death Metal and Thrash Metal group from Santiago, Chile. But is this cassette of four songs total worth checking out, or do both bands only seem to phone it in this time around?

Nunslaughter fans will pretty much know what to expect going into the group's two song chunk that spans just past the four minute mark. The enthusiasm of "Bless the Dead" on display also has a little more abrasiveness to it, carrying a blackened touch to the riffs when not hammering away with beefy grooves. There's also a sudden drop in speed towards the end that comes off more like a catchy breakdown that just doesn't have a great impact, leaving you wanting a little more out of the end of this set. While this is more a typical composition for the group, it's "Impure Thoughts" that lends a unique sleaziness not always heard. There's a hint of Hardcore Punk laced into the faster aggression of the main verses, and the tighter tension of some bridges actually offer up more of an upbeat and fun atmosphere that is quickly diminished towards the end thanks to the slam into a Doom Metal pace that turns the party sensation to a truly creepy one.

And then there's Perversor's contribution. The energy on display is in a much more visceral manner, especially during "Master Old Temple". Thrash Metal riffs litter much of the tight performance, throwing some infectious Death Metal grooves with solid two-step or blastbeat drumming backing up all the equally as raw goodness. "Venomous", however, presents furious blasting appears in the tight traditional second wave Black Metal performance, though more two-stepping can be found by the half-way point as the natural progression throws back to a stronger Thrash Metal influence which only strengthens the hellish riffs' subtlety.

Nunslaughter's material is good for what it is, offering a much dirtier take on the Death Metal world, but neither of their tracks leave much of a lasting impact other than just being a lot of fun until things start to get a bit creepy. Of course, if you're well aware of Nunslaughter's existence, then you've probably already heard a good dose of their material at this point and know what to expect. It's actually the tighter musicianship of Perversor that easily steals the show. If anything, this is a collection of four good to killer tracks that fans of Blackened Death Metal and Thrash Metal will simply eat up, or at least become alluring to those new to one or both of the entities contributing here. If you happen to have a chance to pick up the Nunslaughter / Perversor split, you absolutely should.

Review originally composed for Apoch's Metal Review.