Corpse Machine are a Black/Death metal band from southern Michigan. This EP entitled "Annihilate" is the band's first release.

I'm just going to cut to the chase: if you like black metal, you'll like this release. "Sinister Monolith" kicks off with a quick and catchy sixteenth-note riff accompanied by pounding bass drums and vocals that sound like they're being screamed from the depths of Hell. Like on a lot of songs in this style, the riffs are repeated tons so if you don't have good songwriting the songs are going to be very bland and uninspired. For the most part, Corpse Machine completely avoids that by having interesting transitions and varied structures whether it be tempo changes, odd timing, or well-placed solos. It doesn't matter what genre you're in, it could be anything from pop rock to grindcore, you need to have songs that have memorability. That doesn't mean break out the synths and autotune, but there needs to be something that will stick in the listener's head. That's apparent on "War with Society" with very simple-yet-effective lines in the chorus "war with society/I am your enemy" that are matched with a furious blast beat and tremelo-picked riffs. It also is home to one of the heaviest, dissonant passages on the album that would get any pit moving. Overall "Corporate Scum" was my favorite track on this release. It's very thrashy at points (some parts reminded me of old Sepultura), and is arguably the most melodic we see the band. A great solo early on in the song that reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner's playing outlines the chords underneath it very well with memorable melodies. "Eternal Oblivion" was my least favorite track on the EP. I didn't feel it was as memorable as the others and felt like it could have been cut. I did like the use of some higher-register chords that gave offered some variety and enhanced the dark mood of the song, but for me it wasn't enough to enjoy the song fully. That said, "Sociopath" is a great closing song to the album. It's mid-paced and definitely has some groove to it. I also really liked the oddly timed chord progression that plays out a few times.

Overall, this was an enjoyable release. At points the band didn't seem 100% tight but I feel like that's some of the charm in this genre. Not everything's perfect, and that comes out through the gritty production too. On the booklet I got it says that all the songs were written and recorded by one person, so if that's true that makes this release all the more impressive. The musicianship was very good and I especially enjoyed the guitar work. If you're having trouble finding new black metal bands, especially with death metal influence, definitely check Corpse Machine out.