When this album kicked off I was hoping most of the other songs matched the intensity and fullness that was showcased in the opening track "Never Know." There's a memorable chorus with great harmonies, beautiful layered guitar parts, and an undeniable energy from the band. Unfortunately, this is all done again very sparingly throughout the record.

After the first track, there's a string of songs that are very forgettable and sound extremely empty for a 6-piece band. The lyrics are also pretty cookie-cutter and at points laughable. Finally, with the fifth track "Faked It," the band shows signs of life with an intense drop-tuned chord progression and minor, higher register lick that carries the song along. Although I did enjoy this track, I couldn't help but think it was a bit of a ripoff of older Paramore. The verses sounded too much like "Let the Flames Begin" to me. After this track, the record falls back into sub-par pop rock with a bit of an edge. It surprised me that there's so many members yet with songs like "I Don't Need" and "Another Try" both guitars and the bass are virtually playing the same thing for a good amount of the song. Sure, there's leads in there at some point but the three and four-chord power chord progressions get old after a while. The second to last track "Rockstar" is the only one in my opinion that gets almost as fleshed out as the first.

Overall, this album was tough to get through. It just feels like a bunch of songs you might hear on your local radio station from a band that are kind of catchy but not good enough to keep your attention. All of the songs just feel thrown together too and it doesn't feel like a fully realized album.