If I went into a track-by-track analysis on this album we'd be here for days so I'm not even going to try. This project takes more than 50 musicians from Chicago and blends pretty much any genre you can think of into a triple-CD, 50-track effort.

In listening to this album I was impressed by the great songwriting ability and performances by the plethora of musicians. However, I can't think of anyone who wants to actually sit through this much music (4 hours) from a band they've never heard of before. I can't fault it for being ambitious, because this is easily the most ambitious project that I've ever had to review. That said, I didn't connect to the album at all. It definitely flew over my head and I didn't feel much from my listen. Just look at the band's interests: "Bringing about significant change in our culture by utilizing the power of resonant, emotionally driven creativity to protect our humanity against the the cultural indoctrination process as imposed upon us by our corporate overlords." I didn't get any of this out of listening to it (minus the lyrics obviously), I just thought it was an impressive collection of music by eclectic and talented musicians.

If I could sum this triple-album up in one word it'd be bizarre. I mean that in a good way, the same way Frank Zappa was bizarre. But is it a "monumental game changer" as it claims? Not in my opinion.