Founded in October of 2012, Trondheim, Norway's Infant Death have been a very busy three-piece. The group consists members currently involved in active bands such as Antipressive Delivery, Hellstorm, Gangrenator, and a number of others, finding the time in the past two years to record their first Demo and follow-up recording Cursed to Damnation in 2013. Later that year saw the debut full-length album War, which was picked up by Apocalyptic Empire Records for distribution in a limited vinyl format. As a near Christmas treat of blasphemy, Infant Death return with their second album, Total Hell. But does it stand its ground with previous offerings, or does it all just feel rushed?

Total Hell grabs your attention right away with material on par with early Venom and even Slayer, all without the allure of trying to be another revival group like Toxic Holocaust. Instead, everything feels genuine, as if we stepped into the way back machine to experience it. The natural analog quality of the album enriches the buzzing distortions that mixes perfectly with the loud bass guitar presence and nice echo to the raspy shouts that give way to some falsetto wails, a style that thankfully isn't abused throughout the release.

"Deathcrush" welcomes you into this world of violence with a simpler bass guitar performance that pulsates over everything after the tense introduction and skin crawling opening wail. You can pick up on some traditional Black Metal grooves laced into the main verses of this blistering assault, a trait that shows up throughout the album such as the equally as fast "Total Hell". Some segments do carry more of a modern third wave blast beat fuelled Black Metal influence thanks largely to the speed utilized. This may just be a happy coincidence, but it makes for a truly violent experience that does seem to wear out as you approach the two minute mark temporarily, though you can still hear some wear in the vocals by the very end.

While the first two songs sum up what to expect from the album quite well, they're far from all being offered, let alone the best. There's the Speed Metal heavy "Snake Attack", a blistering assault of unbridled fury and energy that never lets up. The vocals do tread more into falsetto territory, but the addition of gang chants in the chorus really does keep the enthusiastic performance grounded as you give in to the urge to start a circle pit wherever you stand, a sensation carried over into "Demonic Perversion" and its furious pace in which the technical riffs with a few hooks here and there towards the end of a passage effortlessly stomp your head into the concrete ground. But none are as powerful or addicting as "Feel the Blade". This one skirts the line between the Speed and Thrash Metal worlds at times, though the intensity of the former is still on display. The chorus, however, finds a little more melody in the mix with a simpler lyrical and vocal structure.

Infant Death channel the abrasive and dirty eighties Metal scene on Total Hell without even trying. Much like their previous outings, which you can pick up as a "name your price" digital download on their official Bandcamp if you missed out, this release will rip your soul in half and leave you up for doing it again. The mixture of Speed Metal and early blackened Thrash are met with one of the most natural analog outputs possible for this style today in one of the most violent outbursts the underground has to offer. Whether you want to just cut lose alone, incite a flash mosh pit, or commit acts so heinous you'd land on the NSA's watch list, or the no fly lists at the very least, you owe it to yourself to make Total Hell the soundtrack to those very moments.

Review originally composed for Apoch's Metal Review.