The Sixth Chamber is a bluesy, dark hard rock/stoner rock trio from Los Angeles. Although this particular sound was bigger in the late 70s, the band melds together a sound that is pretty varied and original throughout which makes for an enjoyable listen.

My favorite thing about this record is the atmosphere that the band creates. Some of the songs feature very minimalist instrumentation such as the first three tracks "Contagious," "Plastic Doesn't Feel Pain," and the title track "Crippled Souls." The guitar, bass, and drums have a certain attitude to them-when I was listening, it sounded like I was walking down an alley I shouldn't. Just the instruments themselves (especially with some added feedback or diminished chords) are dark and gothic, but the vocals put it over the top. The simple yet heavy and effective instrumentation allows you to listen to the vocalist who is delivering some downright eerie vocals and even creepier lyrics. His vocals are higher pitched and showcase a lot of vibrato, so that's probably a hit-or-miss for some people. I personally enjoyed the vocals quite a bit. The lyrics are filled with dark imagery which adds to the ambiance of the album. For example, the chorus of the title track: "Chained, souls trapped by the walls with propagandists spitting napalm."

Although the simple-yet-effective approach is showcased throughout, the band has a more progressive and varied dynamic sound at times as well. The band is fully fleshed out on tracks like "Tyrant Mutations" and "Witch Doctor," complete with layered guitars and beautiful acoustic accompaniment. "Tyrant Mutations" even features what sounded like a saxophone. And at points, "Guerilla Tactics" sounds like a perverse Beach Boys song with a surf feel. These varied sounds keep this album far from being a rip off of their influences and allows the album to be fresh from beginning to end.

The only complaint I have on this record is that the production is a bit too clean. I feel like with the sound they're going for, a more raw sound would work. That said, this is a very good album that hits on influences not seen too much in today's music.