Amendfoil's Skyline Escape is a review I've been avoiding to do simply because it's a really hard album to explain. The band hails from Finland and with the opener "Blackleg," I was immediately thinking the album would be a groovy, melodic death metal record. But I would have been incredibly wrong, as the band meshes many genres in the heavy spectrum together and make it look easy while producing a very unique and enjoyable listen.

The band describe themselves as "metal/stoner/rock," but I'm not even sure that begins to describe their sound. There's really no one genre I can pin them under, but there's very technical metal parts on here that remind me of Protest the Hero, there's extremely melodic parts that sound like Queensryche, and there's downright nasty groovy parts reminiscent of Gojira. Throw all of that together with progressive parts and changes galore and you have Amendfoil. This is all done with an equally diverse frontman that is just as confident in his death growls as he is in falsetto. The album is chock-full of extremely interesting melodies and harmonies. Songs like "Origin" combine odd timing in the verses and melodically interesting guitar work with a very accessible and memorable chorus. But the main riff is this fuzzed out, extremely heavy riff played on the low string (B I'm guessing?). This is just one example of how often the band goes through sounds. And surprisingly, they are consistent with this throughout and it never gets old. It may be jarring if you're not a fan of one of the sounds they're going for, but for me this is one of the most interesting listens I've had reviewing for this site. Standout tracks from this album include "Knives," "Amoebas," and "Skyline Escape." In my opinion "Knives" would be the track to check out to get a feel for this band. It has some of the most interesting melodic choices on the album and keeps you on your toes rhythmically throughout. The complex, progressive sound is juxtaposed with a chorus that will no doubt get stuck in your head. It also has some of the heaviest moments with a mean melodic minor riff about halfway through. Then it's all-out thrash through the solo get the idea. This band is about as diverse as it gets. The title track "Skyline Escape," which happens to be the last track, definitely has a more straight-forward approach compared to other tracks but is also one of the most memorable on the album. This is certainly a testament to the band's superb songwriting.

I don't really have any qualms with this album. I was trying to find something I could say that was negative about this album, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The talent of the band is superb, there's no weak links here. The production value is high as well, I just wish the bass was a bit louder. If you're a fan of anything from hard rock to melodic death metal, check this album out. You won't be disappointed.