This compilation is a crash course in Boston Punk featuring 5 bands, all of which feature Chuck Stilphen. Glen Stilphen is a part of 4 of the bands showcased, and this CD chronicles their music along with other musicians. It features singles, favorites, and other rarities.

I'm no expert when it comes to punk to say the least so when I received this to review I was a bit wary to check it out. However, I ended up really enjoying this compilation as the musicianship far surpassed my expectations. Also, most of these songs (minus a few like "Let's Drink Some Beer") sound very fresh and the fact that some of them date 30 years is a bit surprising. This is a testament to great songwriting and maybe the fact that some of these bands were ahead of their time.

Out of the bands showcased, my favorite was easily Smegma and the Nunz. They have the most songs featured out of any band on here, and for good reason. Their songs are melodically and rhythmically interesting while still retaining the simple-yet-effective punk formula. I love the vocals too, they remind me of a more caustic Milo from Descendents. Other favorites of mine on this compilation include the insanely heavy yet catchy tracks "Centralia" and "First Nickel."

Although this is a very niche release, I think any fans of punk or those trying to get into punk will find something to enjoy.