I don't really understand the point of Meatmen sending this album out for review when they proclaim to be the best band in the world many times throughout this album, but here we are nonetheless.

I feel like this album is trying so hard to be shocking, funny, and offensive and fails to do any of these proficiently. I'm sure some people enjoy this type of stuff, but it doesn't do anything for me. There's so many other bands that are faster, harder, and meaner than Meatmen and this album just comes off very tame. The music isn't heavy at all except for the very last track "Wizards of the Oblivion." A lot of time the record sounded thin and the guitars and bass tones were not as mean as they should of been. The rest of the music is cookie-cutter punk that any 15-year old kid playing guitar for a year and a half could have come up with. On both a musical and lyrical front this album comes up short for me. The only time throughout the album I laughed a bit was during "The Ballad of Stinky Penis." This was one of the only enjoyable songs on here because it had a country feel to it which was a breath of fresh air after the sonic staleness from rehashed punk progressions and monotonous vocals.

I guess you could say I don't "get" what Metamen are about, but I couldn't care less and they couldn't care less what I have to say so we'll keep it that way. It's kind of pathetic to me that these guys are probably in their 50s and make music that has titles such as "Big Bloody Booger on the Bathrrom Wall." Overall, this album was very dull and boring to me which is the opposite of what they were going for.