When someone you know asks you to review their band a number of things run through the mind, especially when told it's different from what you'd expect. You don't want to compare it to prior musical endeavors they've done, you want to keep an open and fair mind, and you hope it's good and doesn't need bashed. Veilburner have more than done the latter. In short, this release demands respect.

Opening with a dark industrial metal part, I was admittedly a touch hesitant. After a minute, that quickly subsided as the riffs and vocals went for the jugular. From there on out, The Three Lightbearers barely lets up. It is dark, ominous, unrelenting, and quite a foreboding presence.

Veilburner creates soundscapes that are rather bleak and brutal mixed with passages of melodious melancholy. Many parts are rather anthemic and will surely get heads banging. There are moments that will be remind you of Behemoth and Nile, but it's done without the influence being worn too strongly on their sleeves and coming across as a retread of their musical output. An Akercocke sound even snakes in there, which is a welcomed influence not often heard these days.
Veilburner tear through their debut like seasoned vets. It's a commanding presence. It's incredibly strong for a first outing and also very awesome to have metal this solid in central PA. I would be quite surprised if The Three Lightbearers doesn't garner the band a fair bit of buzz.