Wesley Wolfe hails from Carrboro, North Carolina and has single-handedly conjured up this 10-track behemoth of infectious indie rock and power pop.

"Lost In My Daydreams" starts off with a...well, dreamy chord progression thanks to some ethereal effects on the guitar and other additions like synth and noise that sounds like whistling wind. Right off the bat, I loved how there was a dichotomy between minimalist and complicated as far as the music goes. You have an extremely simple drum beat, a simple chord progression, and a simple vocal melody that will get stuck in your head. However, when you revisit the songs with headphones you realize how much else is going on. The music is very accessible but there's more than enough to keep you listening. I also really liked the fuzzed-out sliding guitar solo. "Cloud Cuckoo" is the most infectious song in my opinion on this album. The chorus, although kind of cheesy with the lyrics "Give me back my heart/Give me back my hopeless heart" has a masterfully crafted arpeggiated doubled guitar line that sounds fantastic accompanied by one of the catchiest vocal melodies on the album.

The title track "Numbskull" slows things down a bit and gives some of my favorite lyrics from the album. The chorus is a very simple power-chord progression but has great lyrics such as: "So this is the rest of my life/Watching all the righteous kids as they die/To be reborn as adults, never forced to face our faults." Again, the chord progressions throughout are very simple but the added instruments provide another dimension to the music which is very enjoyable. There's even a xylophone solo on this track. Some of my other favorites include the upbeat and infectious yet lyrically dark "Deathrow" and the quick power-poppy "Fragment of a Dream."

"All That Matters" is the perfect ending to the album with the lyrics "All that matters is in my mind" dancing back and forth through the speakers.

I feel like a few reviews I've done lately I've given 5's which I don't like to give out all the time. However, I really cannot find anything negative to say about this album. I thoroughly enjoyed it from front to back and the fact that it's all done by one person makes it even cooler. If you're into power pop, indie rock, alternative rock, whatever, check this out.