After spending some time with this record, I realized it's pretty unfair to tie down Dead Letter Circus to one genre. They're not just an alternative rock band, they're not just a progressive rock band, they're not just a metal band. They blend these genres with others to comprise their robust yet still accessible sound.

It's refreshing when a band is able to make music that is forward-thinking and complex yet you could show to anyone and they'd probably like it. Choruses in songs like "Say Your Prayers," "I Am," and opener "The Cure" are emotionally charged and explosive matched with incredibly infectious vocal melodies.

Although I really enjoyed this album, I can't help but feel the album starts to lose a bit of steam towards the later half. For me, a song like "Insider" was a bit boring. Although I enjoyed the change of pace as it's a bit laid-back from their normal wall of sound, I couldn't help but not like it as much as the other tracks. I also felt "Kachina" was a bit of a weak track, as this and "Insider" rely more on a pop rock sound than their normal hybrid sound. As I said, I understand the need to change it up a bit but these don't do it for me. That said, "Stand Apart" is the tenth track and one of my favorites on the album. I'm certainly not saying the end of the album is bad, but I also can't say I loved every single track.

The version I received includes acoustic versions of "I Am," "Lodestar," and a bonus song "Wake Up." Hearing the two acoustic songs is a treat, as we get to hear the band at a much more reserved state, with obviously much less instrumentation. The fact that the songs sound as great as they do even with the band pulled back is a testament to the expert songwriting. I also felt the bonus track "Wake Up" was great and could have gone anywhere in the album and been at home. Overall, this is a great album and this band definitely deserves more recognition.

At points, you wouldn't think it'd be far-fetched to hear these guys on the radio, and obviously I wish stuff this good was played on major radio stations. However, the dedication to their craft is admirable and they straddle a line between mainstream and the underground with a unique blend of music that any fan of music owes themselves to listen to.