Suicide Silence's first album since the death of former lead vocalist Mitch Lucker, is a change in dynamic, compared to previous releases. Eddie Hermida (ex-All Shall Perish frontman), lifts the crown persay, to deliver us a new taste of what the band has matured in to over the last few years. The album is a bit tribute, and a bit of an evolution of the band.

Suicide Silence, known for their fast paced in your face deathcore, bring a new hint of what is to come with future releases. Not as raw and crunchy as previous albums, "You Can't Stop Me, " dives in to bringing more of a metalcore feel out of the band as they grow and develop with their new frontman.

No lies, it is a bit different, but it still is catchy and Eddie does justice when filling in for the big shoes Mitch left behind. As the second track is titled, "Inherit the Crown," it is ever so present that there is a lot to come from Suicide Silence.

Personal track favorites: Inherit the Crown, Sacred Words, Blue Haze and Last Breath(cover).

Great for lifting and gettin' mad hype and putting your daughter to sleep, if they like metal, as they should.