In the current explosion of heavy hardcore, beatdown, and deathcore bands happening in the United Kingdom, one of my latest favorites has recently, and quickly developed. Solemn Promise is a band of kids from Northampton, England. I first encountered them sort of by chance from their guitarist Sam following me on Twitter. This past December they dropped an EP that had many people, including myself, hailing it as a last minute grab of UK album of the year.

Solemn Promise play a catchy but absolutely uncompromising style of beatdown hardcore, with a heavy dose of early death metal mixed perfectly in. Plenty of bands play this style and frankly suck terribly at it. SP succeed where 95% of others fail by utilizing fantastic riffs, songwriting skills, dynamics, excellent guitar tone, and hints of visceral groove to the heavy parts.

Annihilation sees the band trimming down the slightly overly long song times of their debut Worse Than Death, and improving on the production, vocals, and songwriting. The result is an easily digestible album that still manages to throw brutal riff after brutal riff at the listener for 15 straight minutes. There are memorable guitar parts everywhere harkening to a plethora of bands such as Hatebreed, Morbid Angel, Testament, and Crawlspace. Easily my favorite song is Exiled, which starts off with a great grooving drum beat and showcases all of the band's musical influences in one track. Haven't stopped listening to it for almost a month and it still feels like a punch in the teeth.

This can be heard streaming online, but do yourself and the band a favor and buy a copy so they can fund a trip to America so I can see them.