Baltimore's Old Lines dropped this LP recently, and it's equally pretty and savage.

Old Lines shares members of a number of Baltimore ragers such as Never Enough and Pulling Teeth, so you know going in this will be dark and fast and vicious in the Baltimore tradition. The backbone of the band is guitarist Mitch Roemer, who has also featured in Pulling Teeth and Ruiner. Mitch takes cues from his past bands and mixes them in with screaming grindy punk to create a bevy of good riffs for Old Lines. All of his bands have featured complex chords and riffs, and it's no different here.

Unusual for a band of this style, the guitar tone is actually somewhat subdued, unlike the chainsaw in your face guitar bands often employ. This darkens the music even further, and makes it possible to hear and appreciate what is being played under the guttural screams.

Though a bit samey at times, this is a very good record to put on as loud as you want. It's thrashy, melodic, terrifying, and grindy, which goes a long way in my book.