Adage are a "Modern Rock" band hailing from North Carolina. Their sound ranges from radio-friendly rock to more alt-metal sounds reminiscent of bands like Chevelle.

The opening track "Anymore" is promising. It starts off with a groovy down-tuned riff and goes into a melodically interesting chord progression. The verses are simplistic yet tense with a dynamic buildup to the memorable, yet lyrically cliche chorus ("I hate you for all you've done to me..."). For me, this debut track is a great start, although a good portion of the remainder of the EP doesn't deliver. There's simply too many bands doing this sound that let this EP to get lost in the shuffle. Sure, the songwriting, musicianship and production are all good, but that's not enough anymore. The only other song I thought stood out of the pack was "Hold On." I loved the heavy riff right out of the gate and the chorus might be the most memorable out of the five songs. At this point through my listen, I noticed these songs kind of have similar formulas. Start off with a heavy riff, go into clean, effect-ridden chords, then build up to a chorus (except for the closer "By Myself," which starts out with these aforementioned clean arpeggiated chords). Matched with forgettable and at sometimes cringe-worthy lyrics, this effort just doesn't seem to be genuine or heartfelt at all. It's very safe and calculated which to me doesn't translate to meaningful music worth many listens.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed two tracks of this EP and think the band is talented, the effort showcased isn't enough for me to recommend Adage's Defined.