Germany’s Tankard has been around since 1982 and hasn’t achieved much notable attention, atleast in the United States as their “Big Teutonic Four” counterparts in Sodom, Destruction, or Kreator. It shows that even while they have a solid fan base across the pond, they have all maintained day jobs throughout their nearly 33 year career. Although this album came out back in June (we just got it the other day), Tankard has returned with their 16th release entitled RIB (Rest In Beer).

As I just stated, Tankard has been around for eternity but you never hear much from them in the US, mostly because they, as far as I know, never have toured here other than a few shows here and there over the past three decades. However, along with the aforementioned Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator they are considered one of the 4 biggest metal acts to come out of Germany. I guess this is true but a comparison would be like saying Exodus should be in the real “Big Four” only because one of the other ones didn’t exist. While talented, their numbers and hits just aren’t there to really warrant a “big” status. I guess in Germany there wasn’t anyone else they could list. Regardless of this fact, Tankard has been cranking out solid records for as long as I have been alive. While Destruction, Kreator, and Sodom took the evil route, Tankard takes life a little less seriously and replaced all the songs about death and chaos and replaced it with drinking and partying. Sure the occasional fight song or praise to all things metal makes an appearance but the holocausts they sing about aren’t nuclear in nature but more about the war on their livers.

Musically this isn’t that much diverse from Tankards’ Teutonic brothers, as they play traditional speedy thrash metal, chop full of solos and even the vocals are eerily similar. While Kreator and Destruction grew to become faster and include elements like blast beats, the tempo changes on Tankard records are more of the slower, middle paced variety as if to get maximum fist pumping and beer slugging done while singing along to a chorus that celebrates your inebriation.

There isn’t much more to be said about this record. It’s a pretty straight forward, no nonsense, traditional thrash metal outing more into getting wasted than destroying the planet. Much like the rest of their catalog, you won’t be blown away but you’ll be entertained throughout the course of the album.