This is a name I've noticed a bit. Somehow, I've never actually heard them. Unfortunately, I can no longer say that. I'm really not sure what's to like here. I understand different tastes and all, but even then, I don't get the desire to listen to a whole album by these guys.
I guess it could be called "moshcore," maybe? If that's a genre. I guess it is now. This album plays like one big breakdown, but almost all of it isn't a breakdown that could get you excited. It was lulling me to sleep. Each boring riff just meandered around and plodded.SLOWLY along until it awfully segued into another boring "riff."
I really don't know how writing an album like this could take terribly long. This often makes Emmure look like musical geniuses. So much on the album seems aimless and incoherent. The singer generally screamed incredibly faster than the hobbling riffs and all over the beat, while another guy randomly did death growls, and in the background was a lot of noise.
This is clearly just a hateful review and I'm sure fans will read it and bitch. However, I suffered through this thing twice because I truly wanted to find something good to say about it. I found one riff that kinda got me going, but they quickly ruined it. Since they setup the bad joke for me, if this is the next level, then I don't want to ever level up.