Comedy metal. Two words that rarely go together. Those words going together well is even more rare. Gwar did it well. Tenacious D had their moments. Psychostick has none of it. This album was painful from looking at their "look at how funny and zany we are" band photos down to their joke music.
This album is a tour de force in stupid. If Gwar is Dumb and Dumber, then Psychostick are Dumb and Dumberer. Their jokes seem like they sit around getting high, watching old Adam Sandler movies, and writing down whatever stupid shit they think is funny. Them being high would at least be an excuse. After the jokes are written, they go to a horse cemetery, dig up dead horses, and whip the shit out of the carcasses with their humor.
Seriously, if I chuckled a little at any of the ungodly amount of tracks, it wasn't long until I was bored to death with it as they kept going with them longer than needed. Even when covering the awesome Danger Zone they had to put in jokes. Yes, we get it, the homoerotic volleyball scene is funny.
The unfortunate part, other than Bill Manspeaker of Green Jello making a mockery of himself, is that a lot of the music actually wasn't bad. It has cool moments of riffing that are overpowered and drowned out by jokes of dogs liking socks.
What do I know though? They've been around forever and have a strong loyal following. They're certainly doing something right. I'll continue to stay clear.