As someone that was around for the mid to late 90’s version of metalcore with bands like All Out War, Earth Crisis, and Vision Of Disorder leading the pack, I find myself still drawn to those days and relish a when new band attempts and does that sound well. When being told about a show lineup I was on, I was informed that a band Discourse would be playing and I questioned the promoter as to who they hell they were. I was told “oh you’ll dig them. They sound like Turmoil meets Buried Alive.” Why yes, that is right up my alley. It wasn’t long before Sanity Decays was turned in by a PR rep for review.

Well my friend, the promoter got one half the equation right as this sounds almost exactly like something would have churned out during the Process Of era. Odd time signatures with stop and start on a dime transitions between parts. Metallic throughout and more hardcore where necessary. Aside from maybe the guitar tone, Buried Alive was a bad comparison as I hear more stuff in vain of Deadguy and Indecision. Hell, in some of the melodic metallic parts, you’ll catch stuff very reminiscent of Snapcase during their Lookinglasself and Progression days. Needless to say, this has 90’s written all over it. In a time where the trend has shifted to bands like groovy/alternative driven bands like Turnstile or even the dark downtuned bands like Nails, Xibalba, and Twitching Tongues, Discourse couldn’t have arrived more appropriately. This is a breath of fresh air and one that hasn’t really happened since Foundation first made waves.

The band clearly wears their influences on their sleeves and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. Sometimes paying tribute to previous acts is something that is well needed. With this style of metalcore being experimental in nature, I expect Discourse to get even better. For the over 30 crowd that begs for a return to the days when Victory Records ruled the scene, it might just start with Discourse.