As the fourth and final entrant in a 4 part series, North Bay hardcore n' roll band Sabertooth Zombie crank out 15 minutes of chunky, jam heavy riffs on "Human Performance IV. The production quality is on the rougher side and not too pristine, but this helps accentuate the heavier aspects of the band's sound. Vocals are gruff and melodic, and fit in well against the backdrop of distorted guitars and driving bass. The drums sit comfortably behind the wall of guitars, but the cymbals wash out in all the right spots.

Opener "The Headache" starts with an aggressive riff that is sure to open up a pit, before regressing into a subdued verse section driven by a cool bass line and melodic vocal. There is certainly a stoner metal vibe present on these 4 tracks, and given a track was debuted on the High Times website, it looks to be intentional. "Coffin Coast" trudges along at a steady tempo, sprinkling in some bluesy guitar lines here and there. "Gardens Of Loss" picks up the tempo and reminds me greatly of bands like Burning Love. Closing track "Crazy Endings" is without a doubt the most "rock n' roll" track on the EP. A heavy bass line leads into a explosive rhythm section, complete with wah pedal soaked lead lines. Heads will bang to this track live, and is definitely the highlight for myself.

Human Performance IV is available now through Twelve Gauge Records, stream "Crazy Endings"below.