Rotting Out has been on a slow and steady path to the upper echelon of the hardcore scene since forming in 2007. While their debut album "Street Prowl" was decent, 2013's "The Wrong Way" served as the bands real breakout album. They hail from LA and you can hear the grit of the streets in their music and lyrics and that continues on their new EP "Reckoning."

The record takes off with the rumbling bass on opener "Born" before Walter Delgado's trademark vocals burst over fast traditional hardcore. The song flows into a mosh part that wouldn't sound out of place on a Trapped Under Ice track and carries on until its end. Delgado's vocals are a big part of what makes Rotting Out so different. He has a unique delivery that is reminiscent of Redemption 87 or Van Damage at a higher octave, its a gravelly higher pitched sound that is quite deceiving given the singers literal power lifter frame.

My favorite track, "End Of The Road" is smack in the middle of this five song EP and the last of the originals presented here. There is a melodic element not unlike something you might hear from Pennywise and the chorus features a simple, but catchy gang vocal line that will embed itself in your stupid skull.

Closing out this EP are two covers from the legendary Circle Jerks. I love the Circle Jerks, and it's obvious that Rotting Out does as well since they don't really stray from the originals. You might be able to call it filler, but I'm okay with them being included.

I'm not sure if this is one of those unnecessary EPs that hardcore bands always seem to put out before they release an album containing the same songs. But if it is any indication of what their new album is going to be like than be on the lookout for another quality LP.