I Wanna Die is a newly formed four-piece Hardcore Punk group featuring members of Heavy Heavy Low Low, Voltile Substance, Augurs and Downstaaiirs. This entity is so new, they haven't even had any live shows yet. According to their Facebook account, their first two shows will happen in February alongside Leucrota and The Love Below. But before they hit the stage, they laid down five songs for a self-titled digital demo, which clocks in at just under five minutes long. Does it make one want to attend these or future live performances, or does this debut outing fail to hit the mark?

In the tradition of raw Punk and Hardcore acts like those the members have been involved in, Born/Dead and plenty of others, these five songs pummel the listener and refuse to let go on varying degrees of intensity. "Monarch" is a fast paced assault with rich, dirty riffs that buzz forward against tight two-step drumming, as well as some blast beats towards the very end. "The Void", however, is just a traditional mixture of Hardcore Punk and a closing blast of grind that fans of early Napalm Death will appreciate.

But then there's "Saudade" and it's far more technical approach that gives way to furious music, rebellious shouting, and a bass heavy short-lived breakdown that really should have been expanded on a little more before going into the chaos filled "Lonely Life of the She Wolf" and a very commanding groove filled climax. Finally there's "If I Knew Garth Brooks I'd Ask Him to Sing You to Sleep with Songs Naming the Many Reasons You Should Love Yourself and be Happy", the longest track of the release, and not just in title. Things start off with a traditional Punk two-step approach that feels like there's meant to be some kind of heart-felt message, but the speed and intensity increase, slitting your throat in a way that makes those kind words barked at you in a manner common to someone with a forked tongue, a nice touch to an already well ranged performance.

Rough, gritty, abrasive, and unapologetic, I Wanna Die's first outing is one without a single regret. The rougher quality only enhances the general hostility of the music and deeper shouting vocals, encompassing both the legacy of the Oakland-based Hardcore and Punk scenes, but also the lineage of the bands each of the four member's past. Fans of d.i.y. Punk and Hardcore young and old will definitely enjoy I Wanna Die, though there are times you'll wish the band did a little more with the songs instead of cutting them before or shortly after the one minute mark. Even with that said, I Wanna Die is worth a few spins, or even more considering it is now available as a "name your price" digital download through their official Bandcamp page.

Review originally posted at Apoch's Metal Review.