Recorded and released over a single weekend (last weekend to be exact), Orange County, NY hardcore band Entropy has unleashed 6 minutes of fury that are worth your time. Following up last year's full length All Work, No Plagiarism, this short and sweet EP is a solid punch in the ear and a great representation of the band's punk/hardcore assault.

Opener "Shark Sandwich" begins with a fast and furious guitar riff, before the full band kicks into a 35 second romp that will make you want to skateboard and/or pound beers with your friends. The seamless transition into "Giant Eagle (Part II)" continues the uptempo power chord barrage, frontman Brian Lawrence's vocals still dancing between pronounced yelling and more aggressive screams. "Love, Dirty Mike And The Boys" starts with a fantastic dirty bass line, one of the high points in the production of the EP, and the band's entire catalog for that matter. Anytime the bass has a chance to stick out in the mix, I can't help but be reminded of Kid Dynamite, but that may just be me. Title track and EP closer "So It Goes" continues in the vein of the tracks before it, only to slow down into a gang vocal laden breakdown. And just like that, So It Goes comes to an end.

The end product is a fantastic EP, and especially impressive on the production side, given everything was done in a single weekend. Shout out to John Naclerio for recording/mixing/mastering this EP. Here's to hoping Adam at Say 10 sees this and PRESSES THIS ON A 7". Stream So It Goes in full below: