Who would have thought that something so evil and destructive could come out of Lima, Peru?
I mean, I've never been there or anything of the sort, but I know what I like when I hear it. And if ANAL VOMIT is anything like their homeland of Peru, then look out world, because the second coming is coming. Again!

This is one of those bands that you discover while writing for a music review site, and thank goodness (or evilness in this case) this hidden gem wasn't picked up by my writing cohorts. A gem in the underground music scene is awesome, like that lady who found a pearl in her oyster? Right!?!? OK, lets get to the music.

Anal Vomit is a dark, Thrash/Black/Death Metal band. They are fucking insanely good! They have a real old school feel to them, think back to early SLAYER- “Hell Awaits” or “Haunting the Chapel” era. Its old school vibe and thrash-y rhythms make this some class A shit!

All together there are nine tracks, but if you get the physical or buy it online, there is an extra track for your listening pleasures. Unfortunately, for this review, I was not able to hear the bonus track. But if its anything at all like the rest of the album, it will be good.

Although I'm not entirely sure what he's singing about, I'm sure its something evil. And evil is as evil does. At least in the sound. It sounds evil, but like a good evil. Ha, if that even makes sense.

What you get is some really great band work on here. When I first heard the intro song I was blown away and immediately thought of old SLAYER. But this album stands on its own two feet. Its very heavy and very listenable and never really seems to get old on the ears. That is ALWAYS a good thing

You know, I have to say that Anal Vomit really reminds me of another blackened/Thrash group, that of NUNSLAUGHTER!! They sound almost identical in sound, but... also different. Like you can hear the others influence in each others songs. There, that's what I was trying to say and I actually got it out. Cool.

But this is a real ass grabber of an album. Its dark, its fast, it has awesome metal break downs, its evil. Its thrash and death all in one. I loved this album and it as been on my play-list rotation since I claimed it several weeks ago, its a great listen, I would highly recommend it to any one who's into the...Blackened Thrash that this is. I can't wait to hear more from these guys in the future. Until next time readers, thanks for reading. Enjoy some live ANAL VOMIT!!! Yeah, to cool, right?!?!?