Prong, the late 90's angry metal dudes who sang “The Lost And Found” song that every one and their mother would imitate in that low growling voice of the lead singer's. Over all, that's just about all I really know about the band PRONG. They were/are a metal band that had some commercial success in the early 2000's late 90's.

But what I do know about is punk rock music. And when bands that are mainly metal decide to step into punk stardom, things can get interesting... So, does this album, “Songs From The Black Hole”, hold up to the sort of punk songs that they cover? Well, lets look and see...

Starting off the charge, is the band responsible for the term D-Beat, Discharge!! A great band in their own right and the song Prong covers on here is an excellent rendition of the classic song “Doomsday”. I have to say that Prong did an awesome version of this one, almost mimicking Discharge in sound. Honestly, it sounds just like the original version. It was a good choice to start off the album and in my opinion is the best song on here.

“Vision Thing” was next, a Sisters Of Mercy cover, and much like my new wave era counterparts of the 80's and 90's, I wasn't to into the Sisters, so I really couldn't compare this song to anything of the sorts. I mean, to be fair, it sounds true to form, if anything, its a bit rougher around the edges considering who revised it. But it's pretty easy on the ears non the less.

Alright, who doesn't like the Butthole Surfers? Well, me... I'm one of the few punks that you will meet that DON'T like them. I don't hate them, as much as they just aren't my taste. I'm more of a hard core type of guy. Butt (Ha! Get it?) it sounded Butthole Surfer-ish, of course with a metal twist to it. Again, if nothing else, its easy on the ears.

Growing up though, I did listen to the Adolescents, even in my older years I kinda kept up with them even having the pleasure of seeing them live. So when I saw “Kids Of The Black Hole” was one of the covers on here, I was a bit intrigued. I have to say, that this version, unlike with the Discharge cover, this is a little bit slower and it seems that they took to their own vision of the song. Its OK... The original is better, but as stand alone track, this is pretty cool. I guess I should say its a different rendition of the song. Overall, its another list listenable track.

Well now, next is BLACK FLAG's “The Bars”. Black Flag really changed the course of punk rock history, if you ask me. First off, the music was insanely wild, barely held together with glue and tape. Each singer they had added a newer element of awesome to the band (Reyes was my favorite!) singing/shouting the snotty lyrics to a life of a So Cal punker skating and surfing and just living life. A story in each song. Then entered Rolling. A mad man of a singer, spewing his songs with a rage that was unlike no other in the scene. His voice paired up with the organized chaos of the band made some legendary songs and albums. Which leads me to this next song. Prong did manage to catch the trademark bass intro that a lot of Black Flag songs have. But other than that, there really isn't anything that really makes this track stand out, there's the angst and some elements of Black Flag in there, but it just seems real put together, like rehearsed. Oh well. That's just my opinion on the matter.

I didn't bother with the rest of the album. Well, I did give the Bad Brains cover a shot. It was fast and did a good job of rep-ping the D.C. Bad asses, but other wise it was just another track on the album.

I guess I could have been fair and given this entire album a listen. But it just didn't click for me. At all. I'm not gonna say its a bad album, but its something that Ill pass on. What I really don't get though is the last track. Neil Young's “Cortez The Killer”. I'm not sure why they put this one on here, but there it is. Never really thought of Mr. Young as a punk, or his music, but to each their own.

I'm sure if your really a PRONG fan, you may want to get this one, but if not, I wouldn't bother with it. It seems as they said, “Hey, lets make an album of “punk” songs and call it a punk cover album, but it will really be us! Hahaha! Yeah, lets do it!” And then the lack of creativity set in and things went this way. And so now we have another metal band doing punk covers, yay! How come we never see punk bands doing metal covers? Some final food for thought. Thanks for reading.