After the horrific accusations made against Leviathan front man,against all legal odds Wrest aka Jef Whitehead whom also handles every other aspect of Leviathan bounced back. Proving his accuser wrong. His last release was an example of pure auditory hatred in a vicious Black Metal assault on his accuser. "True Traitor True Whore" was a great release but it seemed rushed in comparison with his past releases.

I always tell people who are looking to get into USBM to check out his, "Howl Mockery At The Cross" comp. But Scar Sighted had Wrest team up with legendary producer Billy Anderson. The outcome was everything if you are a fan of Leviathan have come to love. The eerie atmosphere is nearly suffocating and the negativity looms on every track. Even though Wrest is in a much happier place, losing the corpse paint and having his first child Grail with Dark Castle vocalist and guitar player Stevie Floyd. This seems to have worked out in his favor as his muse is back in all of its blacken glory.

On tracks like , "Wicked Fields Of Calm" the suffocating guitars give way to Wrest's signature howl from hell, drowned in feedback and killer riffs. Same goes for my favorite track , "All Tongues Toward". The opening drumming sounds like the ritual in The Temple Of Doom. Total grimness prevails and it never once sounds corny. It sounds honest.

Is Black Metal the new Emo? Sure some of the subject matter is about isolation, heartache, and betrayal. But it is so vicious and real that the lyrics on a one man black metal record would have no place on some three chord happy go lucky record. These tracks are not about Satan , they are about the realities of the human condition and that speaks volumes to the listener. Especially someone going through some hard times.

This is musically my favorite USBM record in years and my personal favorite Leviathan full length. If you liked , "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" you will love "Scar Sighted". Another neat thing is the artwork , each track has a different painting to go along with the lyric content which looks amazing in the vinyl package which will be released by Wrest and Stevie on their Scar Sighted Records while the CD version is released by Profound Lore Records. This is a must listen and buy for all fans of USBM.

Sure Wrest is a convicted felon, but he was found not guilty of all of his more harsh crimes. But with all of this behind him the dude who was on the cover of your Nintendo Skate Or Die 2 , is still making some of the best Black Metal in America. So give,"Scar Sighted" a chance!