From the opening organ, you know that these Swedes are bringing it for the Lord Below. "The Children Of The Night" is a record of a maturing Death Metal band. Sure their whole back catalog rules , "The Horror" and "The Formulas Of Death".
But this record reeks of talent and the darkness of the home country lurking heavy over the riffs of coldness and catchiness. Where as , "The Horror" was straight Death Metal and "Formulas Of Death" was still a true Death Metal record but with a few experimentations Tribulation let Satan guide their muse into the musical beyond , where all great artists seek inspiration. It seems that Tribulation has found that inspiration in the darkness and have came out with one hell of a record!

This record will have your head banging with horns held high as soon as track two , "Melancholia" kicks in. I saw Tribulation with Watain and In Solitude two years ago. I was blown away by these Swedes both on record and in a live setting. They just completed a tour with Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse where Im sure they stole the show each evening.

But back to their new LP out now on Century Media Records , "Strains Of Horror" sticks out to me as their most mature song to date. It reminds me of a track that could've been on Watain-Lawless Darkness which makes sense because they are all friends who tour together in Sweden and else where.

The bottom line is if you enjoy Swedish Death or Black Metal , Tribulation could be your new favorite band. From the creepy organ parts to the riffs straight from the pits of hell chances are you'll love this record. Another killer track is , "In The Dreams Of The Dead" I look at it as the stand out track that is so metal that your hair may grow three inches with each listen. It has everything a Death Metal band involved with the Occult should have going for it.

You'll be humming the riffs for weeks on end. You need this record in your life. If you want a more straight forward Death Metal release their debut record , "The Horror" is amazing. But give this new one a chance , I bet you'll be head banging along in no time! "The Children Of The Night" is an album you'll love for years to come. I can't wait what lies in the future for Tribulation!