This album is a treat! Produced By Philip H. Anselmo and released through Housecore Records and its a killer mix of Hxc, Thrash, Grind, and Death Metal. At first listen I was reminded a lot of Birdflesh with the vocal delivery. From fast and high to low and brutal with blast beats used when needed.

I love when bands approach extreme music not being totally serious. I mean come on the bands name is King Parrot and just because Phil from Pantera produced it doesn't mean its a dead serious delivery of Metal. It has its moments of sheer brutality and grind that will make you want to gear up in your battle vest and not shower for a week while you thrash to , "Dead Set" in your room. These Aussies know how to bring the humor and the brutality when needed.

The production is perfect all around, the blasts sound dialed, as do the guitar tones, and both styles of vocals are on point. If you are sick of Grind, Thrash, and Death Metal bands taking shit so seriously then I suggest you listen to ,"Sick In The Head" or "Hell Comes Your Way". The catchiness of these songs brings a smile to my face only to be melted by a vicious assault of blast beats.

All in all this is a great record if you are into fast tunes with a bit of humor involved. Come on now there is a track, which rules by the way called ,"Home Is Where The Gutter Is". With King Parrot you are in for a fun record that you will be listening to multiple times. So we should all thank Phil and Housecore Records for bringing Australia to the metal scene again. Aside from Portal and dISEMBOWELMENT I don't really hear too many kick ass bands from the land down under, but leave it to Housecore Records to bring a great band to our attention!