I first heard Lightning Bolt in a BMX video back in 11th grade, it was a song called, "13 Monsters". At first I hated it, but I got to see them play on the floor in this warehouse with An Albatross and I "got" it. Lightning Bolt to me was a band who was best in a live setting and they played extremely loud and always sold out their performances. I haven't heard an actual Lightning Bolt recording until a few hours ago when I listened to their latest LP ,"Fantasy Empire" released by Thrill Jockey Records.

Lightning Bolt comes from Providence, Rhode Island, United States,and is composed of Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals and Brian Gibson on bass guitar.This leads to an interesting sound since Brian's bass sounds like a broken guitar and I've never seen or heard someone hit the drum kit as hard as Mr.Chippendale. This dynamic is one of a kind when it comes to duos. This is not the calm meditative music of OM when it was just Al and Chris.

This is pure chaos which Im pretty sure isn't improvised. Which I can respect. If you are looking for some sort of Artsy Metal then... well you are looking in the wrong place. Lightning Bolt belongs more with The Blood Brothers and The Locust when it comes to music that straight up is annoying.

I can understand why some people would like this type of music... in a live setting if you can find a place close to them on the floor where they play. Yeah they don't use stages. The only song on, "Fantasy Empire" that I was into was "Mythmaster" for the bass tone until the vocals kicked in total spazz fashion and turned me off. "Horsepower" is a song that starts off with promise but then shits the bed like the rest of this generally boring record of two dudes whom should've given up the ghost years ago once men stopped wearing girl pants held up by white Daughters belts and having sideways haircuts.

Maybe I don't get it because Im not in Art School? Or maybe this record just hurts my ears and deserves to be destroyed. But if you liked their past records, then give this a listen.