All of us Metal heads know that, "Onward To Golgotha" is one of the darkest heaviest Death Metal records ever recorded. Total wet blanket evil as fuck, pure Death! Over the years after "Onward" Incantation was having trouble living up to their killer debut and one of the first records ever out on Relapse Records. Hell I still have my original cassette version which sounds better with age.

But as with most bands time is a big enemy, bands begin repeating themselves, and becoming less brutal versions of themselves. But John McEntee - Guitars, Vocals wasn't about to let that happen. Who knows if drummer, Kyle Severn still has a moustache as was claimed in a famous, "Anal Cunt" song.

But what is true is that the evil, bleak, heaviness of early Incantation is fucking back on, "Dirge Of Elysium"! If you are a fan of , "Onward To Golgotha" you will love the new Incantation LP to death. You can almost imagine the beating of Christ with each passing track of blasphemy and heaviness! My personal Christ bashing favorite is ,"Impalement of Divinity". Not only does it tip the hat to their back catalog but it is one of their faster tracks more along the lines of what you wished that last Morbid Angel record sounded like.

So all you long hairs do yourself a favor, find your nearest Listenable Records dealer and pick up a cassette version of this record to blast in your mothers Nissan and get stoked on DEATH FUCKING METAL!