With a band name like , "Infernal War" I thought I was going to be in for a treat of pure fucking Black Metal Warfare! Boy was I let down, as the first track "Coronation" ended I could've swore maybe my iTunes were on shuffle and a track from "The Black Dahlia Murder" came on. But no, it was an "Infernal War" track called "Paradygmat".

Again it is like if Behemoth just said fuck it, lets not go on all in and see what our record sounds like. The vocals are weak, the drummer is the highlight of the record blasting like his life depends on it. Or maybe because he is carrying the whole band on his shoulders. These dudes need to make up their mind, with tracks called, "Militant Hate Church" you better bring the fucking evil! But no... we get a lets shove as many boring riffs possible up the listeners asshole so maybe one will stick out and we'll get a set of horns thrown after a song in a live setting.

I can see this band winning over Lamb Of God fans (not that there is anything wrong with LOG) at Mayhem Fest or something. Those same fans who hear The Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, or fucking Whitechapel for the first time and think they are the most extreme bands on the planet are this bands bed and butter.

I honestly have nothing that sticks out to me on "Axiom" that I can say was fucking bad ass. There is one solo on "Nihill Prayer" that sounds like an early Morbid Angel Trey solo. But it lasts not even four seconds then its back to good old boring non hateful Black Metal. This record belongs in your local bargain bin next to your copy of Cryptopsy-The Unspoken King. Yes this record is that bad. Agonia Records needs to fire these dudes and tighten up!