Although I've found myself losing touch of hardcore over the last few years, I have noticed an increase in variety under the genre's umbrella. It's great to see the hardcore scene embrace experimentation like it has in the past, but there is nothing like a top notch traditional hardcore record and Marching On from Violent Reaction is just that.

Hailing from the UK, these guys knock out 14 tracks of early 80's inspired hardcore/punk in 18 minutes. Bringing to mind the legendary Negative Approach, and at times The Exploited, Violent Reaction bring a snarl and bite to their tunes that most modern bands lack. This record sounds like it would have been perfectly at home on Grave Mistake Records a few years ago, but maybe that is because Violent Reaction reminds me so much of DC's 86 Mentality and that is a major compliment.

These songs are rugged and raw with a rough vocal delivery and quick hitting drums, but still somehow catchy. There are all the things you'd expect from a hardcore record; mosh parts, gang vocals, fast riffs and brief solos. Some of the tracks lean pretty obviously towards Oi! and street punk like "No Pride," and stay straight down the battered and beaten path of true old school hardcore.

If you've been looking for a new band playing that tested true hardcore, look no further, Violent Reaction are exactly what you are looking for.