Now this is my type of 7"! Total Black Metal Warfare! Im not trying to be biased but both, "Black Witchery" and "Revenge" are two of my favorite Black Metal acts today. Both are extremely cold and pissed in their hateful approach to Black Metal. With inhuman vocals buried behind riffs straight from the beyond... where no light survives, only in Black Metal can bands push the limits of being primitive and not sound sloppy.

I guess sometimes punk ethos that seep into Black Metal in a way that works aside from sleeveless black t-shirts. The Lo-Fi production, the vicious battery assault aka drums, heavy evil riffs, and howls from the depths of hell you have a formula for something powerful. "True Black Metal" is born!

The mighty FLA based Black Witchery lead this split off with some of their best material in years. "Curse Of Malignancy" had me banging my head as hard as possible at my computer desk, as did "Profanation Triumph".

Killer production, brutal songs all in all "Black Witchery" were in the lead when it came time for Canada's "Revenge" to attack my speakers with their signature raw beastial Black Metal sound took over. The production sunk to the seventh level of hell as did vocalist/guitar player Vermin's vocals. Revenge reminds me of what a Crust band would sound like if they played some of the most hateful music in the world.

Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom is a fifteen year journey for both bands playing in stages across the world practicing their craft of violence through music which to my ears has been achieved through this split release, cementing both bands Beastial Black Metal as some of the most vicious form of extreme Black Metal in the world today.

Having seen "Revenge" in January with "Watain" (Mayhem couldn't get to Philly) but not only did Revenge play one of the best sets I've ever seen they even covered fucking Bathory, "War" in their own style which was incredible. All in all if you love raw, hateful Black Metal by two powerhouses of darkness I suggest you pick up a copy of "Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom" if you can find it in physical form still!

Im sure, "Nuclear War Now! Productions" has some cassettes available. Or follow the link to buy this record digitally for $5.00 which is totally worth every penny. So check out spend your hard earned five dollars, and bang your head for Satan!