Paradise Lost's main songwriter and lead guitarist Gregor Mackintosh one day had an idea that wasn't quite possible with , "Paradise Lost" since the "Gothic" LP. Being the fan of Old School Death Metal that he is, he gathered up quite the super group of Doom and Death Metal legends thus Vallenfyre was born.

Century Media records had a beast on their hands with Gregor Mackintosh,Hamish Hamilton,Glencross,Scoot and Adrian Erlandsson. In 2011 ,"The Fragile King" was released and well put members from My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, and At The Gates together in a studio something dark and magical shall appear.

But it wasn't until their second LP,"Splinters" that this supergroup got out of the so called supergroup slump and put out one of the heaviest old school death metal records of all time. Recorded by a bunch of old timers who made their second record sound as fresh as it would've in 1992 if it wasn't 2014 when it actually dropped.

Now if you dig old school Death, Crust, and catchy guitar riffs then you've looked in the right place. Im not being biased but this was my number 3 record of 2014, just wait until the Thrash part on "Odious Bliss" to see why I ranked this record so high on my year end list.

Hell they just did their first official tour with Converge, Pallbearer, and At The Gates. Thats one gnarly first tour, to be part of Decibel Magazines Annual Metal Tour. Its also an honor. Now that the United States has a good idea whom Vallenfyre is lets keep our fingers crossed that they decided to come back to tour the U.S.A again because Paradise Lost will never record another ,"Gothic" again sadly.

If you love your Death Metal, rotten, angry, and awesome. Look no further than the new Vallenfyre release, you are in for a delicious slice of Death Metal pie... or maybe maggots and eyeball gore aren't your thing? Get heavy and enjoy, "Splinters"!