Starting out with an atmosphere as thick as the fog on the moors in England comes a killer auditory assault of emotions in the form of, "Knves Coated In Pitch Of Terror". Which starts off reminding me of "Instinct:Decay" era Nachtmystium with its punk edge but purely Black Metal style. Which fucking rules.

The drumming is very vicious and helps set an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness. The vocals are as haunted as a young child whom was tied down and forced to watch as his parents were drawn and quartered in front of him.

Now I love a good song about a werewolf and thats where track three, "Orbiting Lunar Curse" comes in and kicks the corpse paint off your face. The guitars around the 56 second mark could be a Watain or Dissection B-Side for all I know but hell it works and makes me bang my fucking head in!

If you love fast Black Metal with breaks like on , "Sulfur's Cross" which slow down the Blacken attack into a Swedish sounding assault of ravishing griminess and dark atmosphere then you have found a Black Metal record that isn't too extreme and insane sounding, but a Black Metal record that has its catchy moments and a high replay value.

"Bared Teeth Of The Fog" shows off the production of ,"Nailing Shut The Sacrosanct Orifice" and "Profane Glow" brings back the slow haunting nature that has drug you in this deep into this record and will probably keep you coming back, with horns held high! Old Stereokiller poster Xos aka Chris Grigg mixed and mastered this killer slice of Black Metal in Brooklyn New York. Lets hope for another "Woe" record soon Chris!

'Nailing Shut the Sacrosanct Orifice' is available in a limited edition cassette. Excellent quality dub. Transparent smoke casing. Consecrated and blessed. AMSG. To be released and shipped beginning 2/17/2015.

Sovereign will also be playing the following shows in the Philly area:

May 29
Kung Fu Necktie Upstairs
Philadelphia, PA

May 30
Siren Records
Doylestown, PA