"Still Mad Grimy" should be the name of the second "Demigodz" full length. Wow, Im not the biggest Hip-Hop fan but every line is vicious and pure fire. Apathy, Ryu, and Celph Titled just kill it on this LP.

Pure fire on every track, especially "Dead In The Middle", and "Worst Nightmare". Songs of following your mama grocery shopping and shooting up her Honda Civic just is awesome. "Raiders Cap" brings you back to the early nineties but with a West Coast vibe on a pretty straight forward East Coast Rap LP. I think its brilliant and makes me want to do a drive by shooting with each listen. Yes the "Demigodz" are that gangster.

So pop this record in your car, blast the bass and try not to pop off too hard. This record is not only catchy and vicious its just a good Rap record, especially in this day and age. No corny lines, just real East Coast living and rhyming.

"Demigodz is for true, hardcore hip-hop fans," Apathy says. "This Killmatic album was made to reflect that. We always try to keep it grimy, dirty, creepy, spooky and fucked up."
So what are you waiting for, grab a copy and try not to go to jail while blasting this gem!

This record is also full of talented characters:
Starring Apathy, Celph Titled, Ryu, Esoteric, Blacastan & Motive
Produced by DJ Premier, Marco Polo, Snowgoons, Apathy, Will C., Teddy Roxpin, Skammadix & Chumzilla
Featuring R.A. The Rugged Man, Termanology, Scoop Deville, Eternia, Planetary of Outerspace & Panchi of NYGz