"Fucked Up" is one of those bands I've always been interested in, but for one reason or another never actually dove headfirst into. But I was lucky enough to hear their new EP, "Year Of The Hare" which is part of their super cool "Zodiac Series" including: Year of the Dog 12" (Blocks Recording Club)
Year of the Pig 12" (Vice Records) + CD (Matador Records)
Year of the Rat 12" (What's Your Rupture?)
Year of the Ox 12" (Merge Records + Matador Europe)
Year of the Tiger 12" (Matador Records)
Year of the Dragon 12" (Tankcrimes)
Year of the Hare 12" (Deathwish Inc.)

But this 12" EP starts with the 21:38 killer of a title track, and then comes the dreamy sounding, "California Cold". Starting the record out with an acoustic guitar to set the vibe and turning into a monster in the form of bearded men playing killer punk rock! Needless to say if you like, "Fucked Up" you'll love the title track "Year Of The Hare".

Side A of the vinyl as I said starts off mellow but builds up a punk rock mountain made of loudness as the melody slowly builds up to something quite epic and well.... awesome! From the ambient parts, to the quiet playing of a piano everything works itself together including a fucking flute and even a saxophone, add some experimental soundscapes along with some cool guest vocals from Isla Craig. When those twenty one plus minutes are over, and you still have Side B to enjoy! You know you picked up the right record.

"California Cold" on Side B is less intense but is in no way a bad track. Its super chill and for some reason reminds me of Santana at around the half way point. So light one up and drop out of life man. Anyways the song has this late 1960's/70's vibe to it that to my ears helps FU stand out in the crowd. This isn't a
"Stoner" record, its just a record showing the full power of "Fucked Up"s intelligence when it comes to their brand of Punk Rock. Especially when the flute kicks you into outer space.

All in all you get two rad tracks at over thirty minutes worth of tunes. Also being released by Deathwish Inc. You know the artwork is killer, as is the production. So if you are tired of the same old Punk Rock album in your player, pick up a copy of "Year Of The Hare" and crack open your favorite IPA or 40 ounce and just enjoy a damn fine recording. Also if you are a collector of the "Zodiac Series" I know your stoked!