Man, this is a band that makes me sacrifice all good judgment and go all in on trying to destroy myself and those around me all with a smile on my face. There is just something about them that anytime they are on a bill; they are immediately my #1 anticipated band to see. I almost don’t even care who plays after them. The giant killers as I like to call them. With a name that is absolutely fitting, there isn’t quite anyone like them, although many try and fail. It’s been 5 years since the juggernauts from Newburgh, NY have released a recording and they have returned with the audio apocalypse, Dying Gods.

Anyone that is/was a fan of the glory days of the heavy metalcore from the 90’s holds 1998’s For Those Who Were Crucified in very high regard. It’s an album that set the bench mark on what could and should be done in blending the worlds of hardcore and metal. An equal mix of Age Of Quarrel era Cro-Mags and Reign In Blood era Slayer, no one has been able to match this record since its. A benchmark record to say the least and one that has any other similar band “trying to sound like All Out War”. While the subsequent releases are all appreciated and there are some ragers on all of them, there was always something missing from each of them that never quite stacked up to FTWWC. Maybe it was being burnt from being trapped on Victory Records or the multiple lineup changes. Whatever the issue, they were great but never quite hit that mark again. 2010’s Into The Killing Fields changed that. It was a return to a ferocity that had almost seemed to have left the band completely. It was vicious and unforgiving and what All Out War was meant to sound like.

As previously stated, it’s been 5 years since the last outing and once again there have been some shifts in the lineup. Are we about to hear another solid outing but clearly just a band going through the motions or would they follow-up the last record with some balls? Doubters be damned. I’m happy to report, that for as good as Killing Fields was, this is the record you’ve been waiting for. These are the 4 songs and the intro that they forgot to include on For Those Who Were Crucified even right down to the production. Seriously, they should never not work with Steve Evetts who was able to make this sound like a crisper version of the 1998 production. Musically, it’s exactly what you expect. Kreator like thrash riffs, those 3 note “slayer” parts, groovy NYHC riffs ala the Cro-Mags, and breakdowns that are monstrous and feel natural. In Choking On Indiferrence and Servants To The Obsolete, you have the best two songs that the band has ever written. If the band was trying to make a statement after 25 years in the game, they sure did. For as short as it is, this record is powerful. It comes in like a blitzkrieg in an intro that rivals that of Resist, continues to smash your cerebrum for the remainder of its duration, and leaves you begging for seconds.

Mark it. June 8th. Found my record of the year. All Out War does it again. Dying Gods comes out at the end of June on Organized Crime Records (finally free of the Victory’s clutches!!!) and you should not sleep on this. I already can’t wait for the full length they said they’d follow this up with.