The one-lady Speed Metal project Demona came to life in Valparaíso, Chile, back in 2007. Helmed by guitarist/vocalist Constanza Godoy Díaz, better known as Tanza Speed, this operation has issued a number of small releases over the years, ranging from demos to splits and a handful of EPs. It wasn't until 2012 that the debut full-length, Metal Through the Time, would finally see release through Dying Victims Productions, followed up by late 2013's Speaking with the Devil through Infernö Records. For 2015, we find Tanza not only having moved to Canada at some point in her career, but also working with Desaster drummer Tormentor and Midnight's live guitarist Commandor Vanik to bring two new songs forward for the Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust mastered seven-inch EP 2015, which is being issued through Hells Headbangers Records. But is this two song venture one worth taking note of, or will it fail to arouse even the most die-hard of fans?

If you can picture Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Vektor having a baby with Toxic Holocaust as a surrogate, you'll know exactly what to expect from how this analog EP sounds. "Chasing the Speed" throws some subtle NWOBHM elements into the fray against the obvious punk rebellion that can be felt in the slightly sharpened buzz of the guitars and mid-range hum of the bass guitar, adding a great deal of enthusiasm to the full sounding drums and wide vocal range. There's also some first wave black metal ideas present, leading to an infectious track full of uncompromising energy and tight, faster paced riffs. "Allura Red", however, finds a little more melody at work at times. Clean vocal harmonizations and bass-heavy hooks have more of a hardcore hostility at work, accentuated with the drumming that rarely ever stops from the furious to blast beat pacing to let you breathe for a moment.

Speed metal's answer to Sister Sin, Demona has finally come to Hells Headbangers with a brand new EP that metal veterans sick of the ever growing sleek looking/sounding female fronted metal band scene cluttered with the likes of Butcher Babies and almost any gothic metal group since Evanescence will proudly welcome. 2015 is a dirty outing that is as effortlessly aggressive as it is seductive. It may only be two songs, but if this is the brand of metal you prefer, then that's all you'll need to become hooked on this underground queen of speed metal grit and grandeur.

Review originally posted at Apoch's Metal Review.