As a longtime fan, it's incredible to realize this band have been together for 15+ years. Even more incredible is that their sound still doesn't sound old. It's always fresh and leaves my mind spinning. Spinning is all but literal from this spastic technical death metal.
Over a decade and a half, Psycroptic have done something very hard to do in modern music; they've created a style that is undeniably their own. Having been a fan since their 2nd release, I've heard the only possible drawback from many a longtime fan and that's the departure of original vocalist Chalky. Get over it, at this point, he has been gone for 2/3 of their career. Have I always enjoyed the other singer Jason? Not at all, but if you're listening to Psycroptic for vocals, then please move along.
This band has always been about the Haley brothers for me. The guitar riffs and drumming are goddamn inhuman at times. They're super technical and never once sound forced or as if they're showing off. It is some of the tightest, yet most fluid playing I've ever heard from each and not once have they let me down. This self titled release is no different. If a metal fan, at least give it a listen to enjoy the insane riffery.